For the longest time I had been looking forward to attending this class at Faye Cahill Cake Design. White, delicate, fine piping, pretty, flowers – yep, me to a tee. It is also lovely to meet like-minded people that have the same passion for cake decorating that I do, spending the entire day with them and discussing future projects, hopes and dreams. I enjoyed the day immensely, but it would be remiss of me not that send a huge, Huge, HUGE thankyou to both Faye and her effervescent assistant Viola for their expert and informative tutelage.

The day began with a coffee of course and meeting the other students. Then is was straight down to work. There was a lot that needed to be done so time wasting was not on the menu. Both tiers of the cake were already immaculately ganached ready for the fondant icing.

 The cake tiers are now stacked and the entire cake has been covered with rolled fondant icing. We then brushed the entire cake with a soft lustre which gave the cake a gentle shimmer polish. Just perfect.

Next, the artwork needs to be prepared for transferring onto the cake. You will need whatever lacework you are using and some tracing paper. Oh, and a pencil.


Carefully transfer the artwork onto the cake. Try not to press too hard as you may dent the cake underneath. You also do not want to see dark image lines underneath the piping. This is one time patience needs to take precedence.


Starting from the top layer, using royal icing and a piping bag fitted with a No. 1 nozzle, commence with intricate job of piping the lace onto the cake. Stop frequently and stand back from your work. It is also important to keep moving your piping hand to prevent it from cramping. This image shows the lace piped onto both tiers.


The soft, pretty flowers we used to place on top of the cake for enhancement.


Once the board has been iced and trimmed with a colour co-ordinated ribbon, you will then need to pipe around the base of each tier to give a professional finish. And…voila! The perfectly finished product.

Faye Cahill Cake Design.

2/420 New Canterbury Road, Dulwich Hill.

images: Linda ~ Pleasures of the Plate