My work experience journey at Faye Cahill Cakes continues…

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Beware! There are dangers lurking in every kitchen. When you are in the kitchen, no matter what you are doing, it always pays to be mindful of the dangers lurking within. Even though I had been dutifully schooled on the correct and safe process of the use of this beastly machine, I still managed to do myself a minor injury. All it took was a momentary lapse of concerntration. That’s it. That did it! Here’s what transpired…


Today, my job was to neatly slice the cakes and ganache inbetween each slice. (Please note that no cakes were hurt or injured in any way during this process). The picture above shows the cake ready to be sliced and the said cake slicer. Maybe I should nickname it the finger eater? Once I had sliced all the cakes, I was ready to move onto the fun ganaching part. Make no mistake, the slicing is fun too and I might add I was quite efficient at the process. It was in the process of moving the beastly finger eating machine that disaster struck!


This image shows my bandaged appendage and the lethal blade attached to the beastly finger eating machine. One moment of lapsed concerntration saw me place my finger in the wrong Wrong WRONG position and bam! Sliced finger. So the lesson for today is: ALWAYS BE ALERT WHEN YOU ARE IN THE KITCHEN AND BE AWARE OF DANGER AT ALL TIMES! I would also like to sincerely thank all the people that helped doctor my injured appendage and comforted me in my time of feeling like an absolute idiot! Lesson learnt and enough said! But I can’t wait for tomorrow to see what I am going to learn.

 feature image: istock

other images: Linda ~ Pleasures of the Plate


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