My very own experience of walking in the foosteps of Julia Child

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The day is finally here! It is beginning. My journey of walking in the footsteps of Julia Child. Only this will be my version. Julia attended her cooking journey in Paris – mine will take place in my hometown of Sydney, although you never know, I may get to attend some one-offs in Paris at some point in the future. So, after 25 years of marriage and five children later, I am finally embarking on my journey of passion for patisserie. I am beginning my journey of mastering all things patisserie at Le Cordon Bleu Sydney. As I sit amongst all the other students waiting for directions, I feel a mixture of trepidation and excitement. I am very clearly the oldest and only Australian student here today. Does that make me feel intimidated? No way! In the short period of one day I have already met a multitude of new friends, talented chefs and administrative staff, all of whom in one way or another will play a role in my journey. They will become a part of my story. So, here is a pictorial version of Day 1. With loads of forms to complete, uniforms to be measured and fitted, appropriate shoes purchased, and textbooks garnered we are introduced to our future Chef teachers. We are escorted on a tour of our learning classrooms. Huge, cavernous kitchens full of stainless steel and tiled walls.




The above images are the kitchens, all of which will be my home for the next twelve weeks. With mixing machines that look like robots, spotless tiled floors and an abundance of stainless steel I cannot wait to begin.

This image shows a mock ‘front of house’ where Cuisine students present their work in a mock restaurant situation to members of the public. I fell in love with the artwork on the wall. I wonder if it was painted by a past talented student? The colours are so vibrant! The artwork shows Peking Ducks in all their glory hanging from silver hooks.


Chef Andre, one of the patisserie chef teachers, shows us the Demonstration Kitchen where we will be spending a lot of hours in the coming weeks. And if we pay attention, we might eventually be able to create something as magnificent as these chocolate scultpures by past students!


To say that I am bursting with enthusiasm and excitement would be an understatement! Stay tuned for updates. Monday sees our very first lesson day. I can’t wait to find out what we will be learning and making. And who knows, maybe one day, just like Julia Child, I may even get lucky and have my very own cookbook published.

Feature image: istock

all other images: Linda ~ Pleasures of the Plate

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