Handmade Truffles – Work experience at Faye Cahill Cake Design Studio

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Handmade truffles are an elegant way to finish a dinner party and you can impress your guests by making themself. They are very easy to make, if a little on the messy side. Truffles can also make an impressive alternative to ribbon around the base of a cake. And that is the reason I was making handmade truffles today.

Make a batch of chocolate ganache and leave in the fridge the day before you want the truffles.


Place the ganache in a piping bag and pipe these lovely little droplets onto a perspex board. Try to keep them all the same size. Place the board in the fridge to allow the ganache to firm up again.


Once firm enough, roll each droplet into a perfectly round ball. Place them back into the fridge to firm up again. This is the messy part, as the warmth from your hands when rolling the droplets causes your palms to be covered in melted, delicious chocolate. I really did try my very best not to lick my palms! Truly!


Lastly, place each delicate rolled ball onto individual toothpicks. Then dip each one into rich, dark, tempered chocolate for a lovely shiny finish. Once dried, place around the base of your cake. Voila! Your done. Happy cooking and eating chocolate everyone!

 Feature image: istock

all other images: Linda ~ Pleasures of the Plate

2 thoughts on “Handmade Truffles – Work experience at Faye Cahill Cake Design Studio

  1. Hi, do you have a recipe for the ganache? i use 1 part cream to 2 parts chocolate when i decorate cakes – should i stick to this ratio for the truffles? will it be too firm?

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