Life is sweet at La Cure Gourmande, Paris

I fell in love with this gorgeous shop in Paris so I thought I would share it with you. What do you think? The shopfront features pretty pastel colours that flow throughout the entire shop and delicate fretwork. There is a helper at the front door to direct you to whatever delicacy your heart desires. She also hands out yummy samples. A very large selection of lollies wrapped in pretty pastel wrappers. Biscuits anyone? Mmmmnnnn…yes please! Navette Vanille. Shelves full of biscuits presented in gift tins. These jars of olives au chocolate are so pretty. Should I try these delicious … Continue Reading


Place du Tetre, Montmarte, Paris : where the artists gather

Meandering down the cobblestone stairs from the beautiful white church on the hill, Sacre Coeur, and arriving in Place du Tetre was a pleasure. Watercolours, sketches, oils and caricatures abound. This is the place of grand artists such as Picasso, Van Gough and ors. They used to live and work here.  My middle and baby daughters decided to have their portraits done. They scoured the available artists and then chose the ones they thought would capture their essence. Now, some might think this a waste on money. Not us! What better way to capture the moment? Better than any photograph … Continue Reading


Escargot in Paris.

It is amazing how a picture can tell a thousand words. In this case, however, it was a case of a face can tell a thousand words! There are always numerous and exciting ‘firsts’ to experience when you are visiting a new city. Paris is certainly no exception. My daughter Mez experienced a lot of ‘firsts’ on her very first visit to Paris. From my perspective, I found this to be the most amusing. So I decided to share Mez’s ‘first’ with you too. The ‘first’ in this case being escargot (or snails). Wandering through the pave stone streets of … Continue Reading


The Royal Nuptuals and The Royal Mews | Which carriage will they use?

With the Royal wedding about to take place in London tomorrow evening (Friday) Sydney time, I thought it might be a bit of fun to speculate on which carriage Kate Middleton and Prince William might use for their nuptuals. My family was lucky enough to spend some time in London last year on our way home from our trip to the South of France. My two baby lil’uns being absolute horse freaks we just had to venture to le grande Mews.   But which carriage? Here are a few of my suggestions.   The State Landau coaches are often used for the … Continue Reading


Postcard from Paris – Literally! |Paris, France


I picked up this pretty postcard in Paris. It encompasses everything I LOVE about Paris : macarons, Cafes, coffee, croissants, the Eiffel Tower, and the mix of old and new. I liked it so much I wanted to share. Un cafe a Paris!


A new toy in the playground of the rich and famous? | Postcard from Monaco


Monaco. Playground to the rich and famous. So I decided to have a little look around to try and decide what my next new toy might be (when I win the lottery, that is). The bright red Ferrari might make a nice choice. Shiny and new. Very enticing! But then… Unfortunately, she is not for sale. So maybe a Jeep? This one has a complete Louis Vuitton leather interior. For the girl that has everything? Better than a handbag, no? This baby was parked right outside the casino in Monaco. Perhaps the owner had the winning numbers? Which one to choose? Which … Continue Reading


New chocolate store in Paris – Weiss Chocolates | Postcard from Paris


With over 120 years of excellence in chocolate making Weiss has opened a new shop in Paris. Beautifully designed by architect Yves Boucharlat. They have also perfected a new virtual store allowing deliveries to be mailed within France within 24 to 48 hours.  If you are in the area when you are next in Paris, pop in to try some of their sweet treats. Unfortunately, I went on Sunday and the store was shut. Window shopping for me! Everything is beautifully packaged in black and white boxes that would make a very romantic gift for that someone special. The windows … Continue Reading


That’s not a Patissier. This is a Patissier! | Postcard from Paris | Gerard Mulot


This patissier is definitely worth a visit on your next trip to Paris. Make sure you save some room to taste some of their tempting treats. Gerard Mulot. 76 rue de Seine, St Germain des Pres. Paris Tel: 01 43 29 92 83 images: taken by pleasures of the plate Paris


Lamb with Provencal Herbs and Lavender Honey | Homecooking | Postcard from The Cote D’Azur


We decided to take a rest day on Saturday. We had been rushing around from place to place as you do when you are on an overseas holiday. You want to try and fit in as many things as you can before you leave. I do, however, think it is very important to have a rest day, re-group, and smell the roses (or roast lamb) as the case may be. My middle daughter has spent some time living in Italy and some of her school friends were coming to visit for the day. I wanted to make them feel special … Continue Reading


Delights from Heaven | Postcard from the Cote D’Azur


How lucky are we? Right in the main village of Villefranche Sur Mer, a short walk from the villa,  is the most fantastic Boulanger – Patissier – Chocolatier. It is a great pity that this wonderful artisanal shop is not slightly further away in walking distance as I seem to have trouble choosing and then stopping at one! Have a look and see if you agree. If you are in Villefranche Sur Mer, be sure to stop in for a baguette for lunch and a sweet dessert for after. Well worth the visit. Gallis. Boulanger – Patissier – Chocolatier. Villefranche Sur Mer. … Continue Reading

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