A bountiful winter harvest…or not! | Mon Jardin Update

    I was certainly hopeful for a bountiful winter harvest. Our very first winter harvest. Particularly in view of our extremely successful summer harvest. Alas, that was not to be. The girls (chickens) ate the bok choy, the possumns ate the carrots and a fox ate the chickens! +1 for Mother Nature, -0 for us! Our entire winter harvest consisted of…yep, you guessed it…one solitary snowpea. And a beautiful snowpea it was too. I will not give up. Never. And so to spring… image: istock


A new herb garden | Mon Jardin Update

  OK. I am really excited. Bursting actually. I am hoping, with fingers crossed, that I will finally be the proud owner of a new herb garden this weekend. If you haven’t read my previous garden posts, I’ll recap. I love to cook. So, I asked ‘the one’ if I could have some herbs in my courtyard. I just wanted to tend to them lovingly, smell them, cut them and then throw them delicately into a dish I am preparing  for dinner. That’s all. Nothing too difficult. Nothing that drains your brain. However, a year later (not that I am complaining … Continue Reading


In loving memory of my gorgeous girls | Mon Jardin Update

We have had a night of tears. Loads of tears. Heart-string tugging, gut-wrenching, full water-works tears. Upon arrival home last night my baby lil’un and I were met with grim faces. Very grim faces. Only to be told that my four gorgeous girls were not in their coop or pen. They were missing and the only thing visible was a few feathers on the ground where an obvious struggle had ensued. Oh, and a large hole dug under the fence by something with very sharp claws. They were gone. Very gone. It seems a hungry Mr Fox had decided that … Continue Reading

Baby Bok Choy in a Colander

Mon Jardin Update | Bountiful Baby Bok Choy

  As we move away from the sometimes oppressive heat of Summer and through the humid months of February and March, my thoughts turn to the cool, crisp mornings of Autumn with it’s warm sunny days. I think I have mentioned before that I LOVE Autumn!   So must my thoughts also turn to my little vegie plot.  The last of the summer crops has now been harvested and the first of the autumn/winter crops planted. In fact, this post shows the first of the autumn crops to be harvested.   This succulent, sweet and tender young bok choy. Perfect for … Continue Reading


Mon Jardin | Holy Tuber | Ginger


Holy tuber! Well, would you look what we found growing in the garden when we were last maintaining our little vegie plot. It seems that we have a rather abundant collection of lush ginger root growing wild. Perfect. I have now put my mind to the harvest process and then the uses of this amazingly versatile growth. I  must admit, ginger looks like it has been around since the dinosaurs with it’s almost reptilic appearance, wrinkly with appendages. Eery!   Ginger has wonderful medicinal powers. So, no more colds for us. Just add a good chunk into your fresh juice machine … Continue Reading


Mon Jardin | Update


I adore my little vegetable garden and the fresh produce I collect from it. It gives me such a sense of accomplishment and pride. Plus, I know it could not be any fresher or healthier! Stay tuned for a further post using the eggs from ‘the girls’. images: Linda ~ Pleasures of the Plate


Mon Jardin | Oh no! – something is eating my baby tomatoes!


I have really enjoyed the whole process of planting my own seedlings and watching them grow their precious offspring. The whole pasture/paddock to plate idea is very enticing. Oh, the joy of being able to cook with produce from my very own garden. Not to mention the eggs. The eggs are delicious. But I digress! Back to my baby tomatoes. Hmmm…it seems something other than me likes the taste of these little morsels. In fact, whatever little beastie it is has sucked the inside right out of them. Anyone have any ideas as to what type of little beastie might … Continue Reading


Mon Jardin | My New Raised Garden Beds


  Other vegetables planted include: Corn, cucumbers, capsicum, lettuce. Fruit includes: watermelon, rockmelon, a mango tree and a passionfruit vine. I can hardly wait to start picking from our new crops and then use the produce in my cooking. This really will be a dream come true. My own fruits and vegetables, plus fresh eggs on a daily basis. The raised garden beds can be purchased from: Naturalyards Pty Ltd. Tel: 1300668556 Richard Roe: 0409.365.104 www.naturalyards.com.au images: Linda ~ Pleasures of the Plate


Mon Jardin | Les Poulets (my chickens) – an update


I would like you to meet Noodle. Noodle is one of our four chickens. My baby loves Noodle. She gives her loads of cuddles. Noodle loves my baby. She follows her around as if my baby were her mother. This all began when my father-in-law decided to add to our chicken collection. He went off for an hour-and-a-half drive and came back with two more chickens (we already were the proud owners of two). The two new chickens then had to become familiar  with the original two chickens. I was not aware that there is a certain ‘pecking’ order (pardon the pun) … Continue Reading


Name my new Chickens | Mon Jardin update


Wow. Well ‘the one’ and eldest son did make good on their promise (or part thereof). On Sunday, we added the latest additions to our family. One black and one brown chicken. Hopefully these little hens will provide me with fresh daily organic eggs for my baking. I will, however, have to wait about three weeks whilst they become acquainted with each other and settle into their new home surrounds before they will start laying. We eventually would like to have a bigger coop with up to eight chickens. Well, we do have a large family of seven with regular extras (boyfriends … Continue Reading

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