Oh so beautiful dresses…

Today, I am dreaming of beautiful dresses. You know the ones. Ones you know you will probably never ever own or ever get to wear…only in your dreams. These two dresses, to me, conjour images in my head of softness, of floating, prettiness, femininity, elegance and oh so French. When I absorb these images I picture myself as a glamourous movie star, the likes of Grace Kelly. It is so nice to be able to float off to another world for a moment, even if only in your dreams. Happy dreaming… image: by Norman Parkinson via dustjacket attics I obtained … Continue Reading


‘Food Styling’ by Delores Custer – The Art of Preparing Food for the Camera

Food, to me, isn’t just all about the eating. That is, food is far more complex than just the taste! Food needs to arouse all our senses. The aroma of the food needs to be enticing. So enticing it will make us want to dive right in. Once we have tasted that very first mouthful, the texture and flavour of the food comes into play. Do you like the feel of the food in your mouth and on your tongue? Is it smooth and creamy or is it rough and scratchy on your tongue? And then there are your taste … Continue Reading


Culinary mystery novels.

Alright. I admit it. I have a compulsion! Preoccupation. Obsession. An addiction. I adore reading culinary mystery novels. Well, you already know that I love to read cookbooks but I find these too cumbersome to read in bed. I also find I concerntrate too much when reading cookbooks. I am always thinking: Do I have that ingredient in the fridge or will I make a mental note to buy some in the morning? Not really conducive for sleep, right? However, reading a culinary mystery (or Cozy)  has just the right amount of light-hearted banter for relaxation and sleep inducement. I am … Continue Reading


Favourite Things… | My new kitchen trolley

  For a rather large family, I have a really small kitchen. My kitchen consists of one wall of bench/cupboards and this includes the fridge, sink and dishwasher. The result – not a great amount of bench space when cooking or entertaining. What to do? What to do? I set off in pursuit of a solution. And my new kitchen trolley proved to be the perfect solution. I have placed all of my kitchen appliances inside the trolley for ease of access when required. It has a lovely large surface area as well as two extendable arms providing additional surface … Continue Reading


On the Season Merry-go-round | Summer to Autumn


Please accept my apologies for being quiet of late. We have now changed to a new host server. This took a little maintenance time but we are now back on air with a vengeance! From this:   …scorching days, long hot nights, ball-of-fire sun, picnics at the beach, flies, watermelon, icecream dripping down my arm, suntan lotion, beach umbrellas, sand, sweat, children, fun. To this…   …crisp cool mornings, warm shorter days, golden rusty hues, shadows leaves a’fallin. I love Autumn. It is my favourite time of the year. What is your favourite season? images: istock


Favourite things… | Watching the city awaken. Breathtakingly beautiful!


It has been so hot in Sydney recently, not to mention humid, that I have abandoned my walks during the day. I decided it might be cooler, less humid and a totally different perspective to walk in the early morning. I have to say I’m hooked! There is something so surreal about that time of the morning. When I left my house at 5.30am it was totally dark. Ever so slowly, first light broke through the clouds thrusting the skyline with magnificent pinkish-purplish hues. Luckily for me, halfway point of my walk is beautiful Tania Park with it’s panoramic views … Continue Reading


Favourite things…


My website is undergoing a revamp at the moment. The new/updated website will contain a section called “Favourite Things”. This section will be home to any number of things that make me happy, smile and be grateful that I have the life I have. As an entre to this section, I have decided to add these pretty, plump, pink hydrangeas. They have been lovingly tended by my elderly neighbour, Frank. He thought I might like some to brighten my day – and they did (and do each and every day that I lay my eyes on them). They make me … Continue Reading


Crafty Creations for a 21st Dinner Party setting.


Last Saturday night we held an elegant, feminine, all-girl dinner party for my beautiful eldest daughter’s 21st birthday. An amazing feat considering at the tender age of 18 months she was diagnosed with bacteria meningitis with an extremely poor prognosis. We were informed that she would be profoundly deaf, have brain damage and never be able to walk again. Things definitely were looking on the downside. But never one to give up (her or me), through hard work and sometimes sheer frustration, she learnt to walk again. Hearing tests proved positive and after a two year battle things returned to … Continue Reading


Cobs Organic Popcorn


I do not endorse products, businesses or companies and I certainly do not receive any kickbacks, benefit or remuneration of any kind. If and when I write or blog about a product, it is because I truly like what that product has to offer. That certainly is the case for Cobs Organic Popcorn. I was first introduced to this mouth-watering moreish popcorn by my eldest lil’un son, who brought it home for all of us to try. We were instantly addicted. The Organic Range offers ‘Lightly Salted, Slightly Sweet’ popcorn using 100% organic ingredients. Cobs Fine Foods state “We use … Continue Reading


Balgowlah Heights Fruit and Flower Shop


 Drive North along The Spit Bridge, careful not to crash as you take in the scene of white hulled yachts bobbing in the crisp blue water – their masts reflecting on the shimmering waves, take a right and another right and head back towards the water and you come across the leafy bushland suburbs of Clontarf and Balgowlah Heights. Nestled on the corner of New and Beatrice Streets you will find a tiny group of shops well known to the locals but not so much by outsiders. It is here you will find the luscious fresh produce of George and Mary … Continue Reading

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