Happy Mother’s Day!

  Mothers are very special creatures. Make sure you spoil yours for Mother’s Day. Happy Mother’s Day! image: istock


My mother’s recipe passed down for Mother’s Day | Raspberry and Vanilla Jam

  Pop on over to for my guest post on sweet and vibrant raspberry and vanilla jam. image: Linda ~ Pleasures of the Plate


‘Redder than Rudolph’s nose’ Cranberry Sauce

        This is such an easy thing to make. I made mine after Christmas Eve Mass on Christmas Eve. It is quick to make – takes no time at all – and is so much tastier than the store-bought version. I also love the vibrant ruby red colour that this sauce adds to the festive food table. Recipe is courtesy of Nigella Lawson, called Redder than Red Cranberry Sauce, from Nigella’s Kitchen, 2007. Ingredients 12 ounces of fresh cranberries (I used a packet of the frozen ones) 7 ounces of caster sugar 3 tablespoons cherry brandy 4 fliud … Continue Reading


We wish you a merry christmas | A sneak peek at my day…

And finally, we wait until next year to do the whole thing over again! Merry Christmas. images: Linda ~ Pleasures of the Plate


‘Tis the most wonderful time of the year…for gift giving | Christmas ribbon


Christmas is the time of the year for gift giving, so that makes it my favourite time of the year. Some people cringe at the thought of wrapping presents. I love wrapping presents. And then I love to adorn them with beautiful Christmas ribbon tied in pretty bows. I am rather partial to the whole Nordic looking decorations and colourways ie. red and white. My whole house is painted white and when a glorious, large, green conifer is placed in front of the window it only needs red and white for colour. I, therefore, like to wrap (or box) my … Continue Reading


Christmas Gift Idea | Gingerbread House Kit


“Gifts of time and love are surely the basic ingredients of a truly merry Christmas.” ~ Peg Bracken I found this wonderful Christmas gift idea at Need to entertain the kids? Ever had a hidden desire to be an architect or designer? Everything you need is right there in the box, except lollies to decorate. You can decorate these tasty little cottages any way you like. Let the kids go wild with bags of coloured lollies or just stick to white lace icing like mine. Bright coloured candy canes also add colour. Most of all – have fun and try not … Continue Reading


Cherry Ripe Fudge | Christmas Baking


With Christmas just four weeks away (yes, I did say four) my kitchen is heating up with all manner of weighing, measuring, greasing, stirring, melting, folding and spooning. Christmas delights are  being lovingly baked for my family’s consumption and to give as gifts.  A feeling of warmth fills my soul when I see the look of delight on the receiver’s face at being given a home-made gift of food. Time-poor individuals truly appreciate these creations. This year, I have decided to steer away from my usual baking and have decided to delve into old recipes to come us with something fresh away from … Continue Reading

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