It must be love…

Today we welcomed the newest member of our family – a beautiful 5 year old mare called Crystal. She is my baby’s horse. My baby spent the day bonding and making friends. Such a heart-warming sight! Stay tuned for more… images: Linda ~ Pleasures of the Plate  

iStock_cross country

Stewie goes cross country.

Being just a wee baby horse, Stewie has never ever been on a cross country course before. In fact, Dave has only just taught him how to jump (more on that in future posts). There are a few things to try to remember when taking your horse out on their very first cross country outing and they are as follows:- 1. Keep yourself calm and walk around the entire course before you even get on your horse. If you keep calm then your horse will keep calm (hopefully)! Horses are very intuitive to emotions and to how their owners are feeling … Continue Reading

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Happy Father’s Day

  To all the dads out there – wishing you a fantastic Father’s Day, whether you are jumping out of a plane for spills and thrills (hopefully no spills), waterskiing, diving with sharks, revving around in a racing car or just throwing some steak on the barbie, I hope you enjoy your day! Linda feature image: istock  


Lauren turns 21!

My middle daughter, Lauren, turned 21 years old this past weekend. Hold the ‘old’ jokes thanks. We celebrated with a big family birthday dinner. We also celebrated with a beautiful birthday cake from Heavenly Cakes at Curl Curl. For the longest time, when I do not have the time to make and decorate a cake myself, I have utilised the amazing services of Jayne Harrison at Heavenly Cakes. She always comes through with the perfect cake. Jayne’s decorating experience and talent are beyond brilliant.  And she came through again for me this time. Lauren loves the beach and has a penchant for pink frangipanis … Continue Reading


Stewie gets new shoes.


When we took possession of Stewie his hooves were in a terrible state. Upon arrival at his new home we called in our trusty farrier, Jake, to give Stewie brand new shoes and to give advice to Dave on ways to keep Stewie’s hooves in the best possible condition. I, of course, was on hand to take a photographic journal of the process. Poor Jake, I think I drove him mad with all my questions. He was very obliging and didn’t hestitate once in answering my questions. I know, I can’t help myself. Far too curious? Or a need to … Continue Reading

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My baby is in baby heaven!


My baby adores animals. All animals. So she is in absolute baby heaven. The farm that houses Stewie is full to the brim with a plethora of baby animals. She makes it her duty to see that all of them are petted and cuddled. Here’s a glimpse… This little goat gets a kiss. The property has loads of goats and lambs. All of them fight for attention. A sweet little black and white calf. So cute… My baby makes sure he gets his fair share of attention. A cute white baby goat. I want some attention too please. Getting a … Continue Reading


We’re going home. The continuing story of Stewie’s journey with Dave.


We waited all morning with baited breath for that phone call. The most important phone call of all. The one we are hanging on. The one from the vet saying Stewie has passed the vet check and we can jump in the car with the float attached. The phone call came. The news was all good. LET’S GO! We headed to the property with our trusty instructor in tow. She kindly let us use her horse float to collect Stewie in. Which I must say I am mighty grateful for,  as I have never driven a car with a horse … Continue Reading


Meet ‘Stewie’ – The newest member of our family.


It has been a very exciting week for our family. We have added a new member. He is a 16 hand, 4 year old, bay thoroughbred. And, he is all ours. We love him already. Well really, it was love at first sight. The first sight of him in his ‘for sale’ advertisement. It was then just a matter of crossing our fingers and hoping it all fell into place after that. We determined to go out to Mulgrave to view him and for my son to test ride him. It will, after all, be my son’s horse. We took … Continue Reading

iStock_stabled pony for famille

Phoenix the cheeky white pony


Once upon a time there was a cheeky white pony named Phoenix. My baby loves to ride Phoenix, especially bareback. She makes Phoenix walk, trot, then canter. But first my baby’s instructor, Karen, checks to make sure the girth on the saddle has been done up correctly. It is very important that the saddle and the bridle are tacked up correctly to prevent accidents and falls. The stirrups also need to be just the right length for the rider. Once everything has been checked my baby then starts to warm up Phoenix by walking him around the arena in readiness for … Continue Reading


My baby lil’un gets cuddles.


Both my baby lil’uns are quite the equestrian enthusiasts. Outside of school we live our lives in stables, tack rooms, paddocks, barns arenas and on trails. Enough is never enough. Every spare moment. I am really pleased to be able to share with you, with the inception of the new category Famille, some of their exploits in this and coming posts. I hope you enjoy them.  On this particular day, my baby was in need of a cuddle. A great big cuddle. But…it wasn’t easy to get. This is a true testament to the saying that patience really does pay off … Continue Reading

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