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My very own experience of walking in the foosteps of Julia Child

The day is finally here! It is beginning. My journey of walking in the footsteps of Julia Child. Only this will be my version. Julia attended her cooking journey in Paris – mine will take place in my hometown of Sydney, although you never know, I may get to attend some one-offs in Paris at some point in the future. So, after 25 years of marriage and five children later, I am finally embarking on my journey of passion for patisserie. I am beginning my journey of mastering all things patisserie at Le Cordon Bleu Sydney. As I sit amongst … Continue Reading


A Simple Supper of Three Cheese Pizza | Quick Meals

Everyone tends to love pizza and this one is certainly delicious. It is a very quick and easy meal for anyone in a hurry but I pull this one out on a Friday night after a long hard week. With it’s melted molten cheese and it’s crispy base, I’m sure this will be a hit in your family too.   images: Linda ~ Pleasures of the Plate


A lettuce cup full of goodness | Sang Choy Bow

  Here is a quick, easy and nutritious mid-week meal to serve up to the family. Even better – get the kids involved. Let them help you make these crisp cups of goodness! Here’s what you will need:   Method: Firstly, place the lettuce cups in a bowl of iced water to crisp  whilst you stir-fry the other ingredients.   images: Linda ~ Pleasures of the Plate


Terrific Tennis Tucker | Minute Steak Burgers

Last Sunday night we wanted to watch on television the men’s final of the Australian Open Tennis Tournament.  We have been enjoying all of the games in the lead up to the final. This got me thinking. What is a good, quick and easy meal that can be thrown together with ease and would be the perfect sport watching food? For me, it couldn’t be anything but these Minute Steak Burgers. Using the minute steak (steak cut very thinly so that it cooks really quickly) helps make this a super fast meal. Here’s how it’s done. Now you need to … Continue Reading


Fond memories of the South of France | Rustic Plum Tart


Ok. It was hot. I mean – It was really hot. And it was Australia Day when I should have been craving lamb and lamingtons. But I wasn’t. I was craving the amazing comfort food that rouses memories for me of the South of France. So, despite the heat, I cranked the oven and made this delicious, sticky, gloriously sweet plum tart. Here’s how. images: Linda ~ Pleasures of the Plate


A salute to Spring – Cocktail hour aperitif – Cointreau lime quencher


It is the first day of Spring here in Sydney. So to celebrate the end of Winter and look longingly forward to the warmth of Summer, I have decided to serve these fresh and fruity quenchers on the deck before dinner. I want to thank my eldest daughter’s boyfriend Peck for the idea. He works in a bottle shop when he is not slogging it out at University. His side passion is to whip up all these amazlingly good aperitifs for us to try. All you need is a bottle of Cointreau, some limes and a large bottle of Sprite … Continue Reading


Dinner in a dash – Rigatoni with chorizo and manzanillo black olives


Like most mums, sometimes getting a meal on the table in the evening can be quite a challenge. If you are, like me, a taxi driver as well as cook, then this recipe is for you. Quick. Easy. The whole family will think you are amazing. We all would like that! This certainly qualifies as dinner in a dash. Not that I have anything against swinging past the drive-through of Maccas, I prefer to whip this up instead. The spicy-ness of the chorizo, the sweetness of the tiny tomatoes, the salty-ness of the olives along with the zing from the parmesan cheese, your taste buds will … Continue Reading


Crown Roast – A Dinner Party Show Stopper


For my beautiful daughter’s 21st birthday, we held an all-girl, elegant dinner party for her and 7 of her girlfriends. To make this a special event, I decided to cook a Crown Roast with Wild Rice Stuffing along with mash, roasted truss tomatoes, yellow squash and green beans tossed with garlic oil. To top it off, the succulent meat was drizzled with red wine jus. If you haven’t already developed a good relationship with your butcher, then now is the time to do so. Not just for the crown roast – they are brilliant in helping with special cuts of … Continue Reading


Jelly – Pretty Princess Jellies


My baby lil’un recently had her 12th birthday dinner and when I asked her what she would like for dessert her answer was ‘jelly’. Of course it would be. She has been a jelly fiend for years. However, since I was having a formal dinner with the grandparents, I wanted a way to make the jellies look attractive and not just a lump of coloured sludge in a large bowl. As there were 12 guests, making 14 for dinner, there needed to be a whole load of jelly.  There were also going to be other mouth-watering desserts to go with the … Continue Reading


Masterclass with Valli Little at the Hyatt


Tuesday 28th July, 2009 The sun flickered through the window of the ferry, warming my face, as we waited to dock at Circular Quay. It was a perfect day for a harbour crossing from Mosman Wharf. The walk from the Quay to the Hyatt Hotel was equally pleasant. I would have liked to have strolled at a leisurely pace like the tourists meandering their way around The Rocks, taking in the sights. Or alternatively, bask in the sun on a seat with a lover. However, today I would not risk being late. Today is “Masterclass Day” with Valli Little. This is a day I have been looking forward … Continue Reading

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