Hi. I’m Linda. My website is a place for savouring the foundations – family, friends and most of all food. I’m a devoted mother of 5 lil’uns and wife to my rock – ‘the one’. This site is my personal blog – a relaxed, fun site that enables me to chronicle my hectic, hair-raising journey through motherhood, creativity, travel, writing and of course, cooking.

“Bon Apetite” covers recipes with step-by-step photos, places of interest, baking, and well just about everything to do with food.

“Famille” is all about Family. From holidays to the adventures of the lil’uns and all things fun.

“Voyages” covers journeys already taken as well as ones I hope to take in the future.

“Jardin” explores the beginning of my vegetable garden and chickens. It also covers recipes using any produce garnered from my garden.

“Favourites” has all my favourite things including special things I love (apart from the lil’uns of course).

Travelling back and forth to Hong Kong for most of my childhood opened up my senses to the glorious colours, smells and taste of food and it’s diversities from all cultures. I was inspired to study Food Writing at the NSW Writer’s Centre completing the Beginners and Advanced courses with Mr John Newton. I was hooked. I started this blog immediately upon finishing and here we are. I feel blessed to be able to share my “loves” with you and I hope you will share some of yours with me.

Linda ~ Pleasures of the Plate

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  1. Hello!! My name is SIMAUMA. I write blog about the food.Please look.And I am glad if I link to your blog. (URL)http://food-collection-simauma.blogspot.com/

  2. Hi there Simauma,
    It is fantastic that food can link people from all over the world. I have browsed your blog and it looks great. I wish I could read it though as it is all in Japanese.
    Good luck,

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